Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life Update

I started this post on Monday, and didn't have time to come back to it until now (Friday), really that sums up what this post was about...

Life continues to race by at what is a largely uncontrollable speed. I feel like I'm taking every turn way to fast, but boy is it a thrilling ride! It finally caught up to me two weeks ago though and my body knocked me on my ass with what was finally diagnosed as "something that looks like but according to your chest x-ray isn't officially pneumonia". Whatever it was it gave me a 103 degree fever, wicked cough, sore through and chest pain. Abby was absolutely wonderful taking care of me -- making sure I took medicine, helping keep my temperature down, making me soup etc.

Antibiotics eventually cleared everything up but I was on my back for the better part of a week. The sad thing is that I kind of welcomed the time off. I almost never have the time to just laze about and watch crappy movies on TV. Even though my body was feeling awful I was really glad for the mental rest. It made me sort of sad that it took me getting sick to have some time off and get to spend some quality time with Abby.


Heroes keeps me busy. The last part of the Rebellion arc of the graphic novels has been written and is now in the very capable hands of Jason Badower. We were very lucky to have just two artists work on this entire arc (Jason and Dennis Calero) which I think will really pay off when you read it all together and in the print version. We're still working out the details but I'm hoping at some point to do an "epilogue" for Rebellion too. I'm really proud of what we've done with this arc and it holds a special place for me as being the first thing I have seen through as an "editor".

On the show itself side of things we're going full speed ahead. Episodes six, seven and eight are all in various stages of being written while the rest of us are planning out the finer details of episodes nine through twelve. As *currently* scheduled (and things often change) episode twelve should be the final episode before our winter hiatus in December-January. We've got some exciting stuff planned.

After being occupied for the first few months of the season working on features, Battlestar Galactica (and TimeCop!!) veteran Mark Verheiden has returned to us at Heroes. We're also lucky enough to have Carlos Coto join the team. Carlos worked on 24 last year and is no stranger to time travel or Sci-Fi having spent time on Journeyman and Invasion. He's been a great addition to the Heroes team.

I continue to work on what I can currently only describe as "new media" content for Heroes. Details are still being worked out, but I'm excited about the story we're hoping to tell. I'll be sure to announce it once things are squared away.


I'm taking Abby to her very first comic con next week. We missed it last year due to a wedding and she couldn't make the year previous due to a firm event. Needless to say she's very excited. I can't wait to show her around.

I'll be at the Heroes panel on Saturday the 25th (3:15 at the Hilton Bayfront) and at some point that day I'm hoping to do a meet & greet/ signing/something with fans. Jason Badower will almost certainly be with me too. Details are stilll being worked out but I'll announce them as soon as I know. The best thing to do though is follow me on twitter as I'll be sure to send a tweet whenever I'm stopping anywhere for any length of time.

I'm also told there'll be a Nissan/Heroes booth somewhere on the showroom floor and that this is the place to be if you want to pick up the limited edition print comic of Rebellion part 3 "Family" written by myself and drawn by Jason Badower. I saw a copy yesterday which was pretty exciting as this is my first comic that has ever been "in print".

The other booth I want to let you know about is #1234 which is home to Becky Dreistadt of Tiny Kitten Teeth who did the incredible artwork for "Lookouts", my guest strip for Penny Arcade. The PA guys are just around the corner at #1237. If you dug Lookouts, please stop by and tell Becky and "Gabe & Tycho" of Penny Arcade.

That's it for now. Looking forward to meeting those of you who can make it to San Diego.

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Rick Sanchez C154 said...

Sorry you were so ill but I'm glad you recovered and that you did manage to get a break out of it. I know from personal experience, that even if you love what you do, you still need to take a break or risk burn out.

As it is I am awaiting the final GN of the Rebellion arc on pins and needles and eagerly awaiting the return of Heroes to my TV.

I really wish I could have made SDCC this year but there was just too much going on. I'm hoping I can make it next year.

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