Monday, June 29, 2009


So I've been keeping this under my hat for an eternity (one week) but I can now officially announce that I'm writing "Lookouts" for Penny Arcade! This is essentially a dream project for me, and I'm still somewhat in shock from the fact that I'm getting to work with two people I basically consider my heroes.

Page 1 was done as a pitch (aka pilot) by Gabe & Tycho two weeks back and I've picked up the story from there. I'm told that page 2 will go online Wednesday. The art is being done by the incredibly talented Becky Dreistadt who gets double props from me for being a New Zealander. Go commonwealth! Having seen some of Becky's concept art for this project, I can assure you it's going to look awesome!

I'm not sure exactly how Lookouts will be distributed, but I've written four pages to complete this first story and I'm assuming they'll appear on the Penny Arcade site per the usual Mon-Wed-Fri schedule (starting Wednesday 7/1). As for anything after that, we'll just have to see how the response is. Hope you enjoy!


Michael Scarpelli said...

I'm not too sure how we could not enjoy. This should be epic.

Justin said...

One of the webcomics I read + a great GN writer working tofether? Hell yes!

richard said...

really enjoyed page 2 - looking forward to the full strip. cheers!

Anonymous said...

good stuff!

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