Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bachelor Party

So forgive me for not blogging in a while. Fortunately I have a lot of great reasons, and if you've been following me on twitter, you may have seen the photo evidence. If not, here's more:

That's me front-left making a weird face. And that's my buddy John on the right succumbing to the will of the river. It's not a good bachelor party unless you come back with one less guy right? So yes, last weekend that awesome group of guys in the raft showed me a hell of a time, thus no time for any personal writing.

The other reason I haven't been posting is that I was busy working on my first graphic novel blog post for NBC & 9th Wonders which is now available to read! Unfortunately the comments don't seem to be working but NBC is (I hope) trying to get that fixed. (Comments almost fixed...) In it, I discuss how we came up with the idea for the Rebellion arc of graphic novels and the decisions behind who would be on Rebel's team.

Other than that Heroes continues to usurp my life. I write outlines for every episode which takes a monumental amount of time. We've been breaking story all week and heading into the weekend/early next week I'm going to be writing outlines for episodes five and six. As Jason Badower often reminds me, "eh, we'll sleep when we're dead right?"

Oh, one last thing. Once I reach 1500 followers on Twitter (about 150 to go!) I'm going to be running a little contest to give away a Heroes comic book. The only way to find out how to win is if you're following me. So what are you waiting for? Join the twitterverse!


Anonymous said...

Does Mohinder get a storyline in season 4? We've heard nothing about him, it's starting to be a little bit depressing, as a fan.

HERO said...

Thanks for sharin' that you got the blog up and running at 9thW! There still seems to be a glitch with the comment system, when a person either presses "preview" or "post".

Sounds like a fun bachelor party, too!

Gamistar said...

I just tested the comments there, it's still not working for me.

Oliver Grigsby said...

Arg, I spoke too soon. You're right, comments are still not working yet. I'll update when they're fixed.

Rick Sanchez C154 said...

Already following you on Twitter under Tarot1. :) You were the deciding factor in my finally getting one.

Thanks for the blog on 9th Wonders and all that you do.

Rick Sanchez C154 said...

As I tried to sat on 9th:

"Glad to see you posting over here :) I look forward to reading more of your posts and more of your work."

Kinda irritating when tech decides not to cooperate as the commenting system is still nonfunctional. Fortunately I have this as a back up.

Rick Sanchez C154 said...

*say not sat... I'm no good at typing sometimes.

HERO said...

I gotta new (to me) question, which may or may not have been answered already, related to the Rebellion arc...

Is there a story behind Eric Thompson Jr.'s red dragon jacket?


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