Monday, May 18, 2009

This Week at Heroes

Still no 9th Wonders Blog for me yet so I can't talk too much about the Heroes Graphic Novels. But you should forgive the tech team for the delay because they're hard at work putting together something that I think is going to be fun and awesome and help occupy the cold Heroes Summer months. I'd tell you more but I've already said too much...

It's been another busy week at Heroes (when is it not?). The writers have put together a super-rough draft of the first episode and we're going to have episode two later this evening. At the moment, these are just "internal" drafts which means no one beyond the writers have seen them. Production is gearing up though, doing 100 different things, but primarily building new sets and revamping some old ones. As you might expect they can't wait to get their hands on that first script.

Some time tonight/tomorrow "Family", part 3 of "Rebellion" will appear online. You've read part 1 and part 2 right? Parts 3 and 4 were written by me and drawn by Jason Badower. I can't tell you how much fun it is to work with Jason. Besides becoming good friends, and so naturally having a good time, Jason is an absolute workhorse. He cares more about his art and about telling a good and complete story than anyone I've met. Some artists draw spectacular art but only think about one panel at a time -- the pages may look great, but sometimes the story just doesn't quite track. Not so with Jason. His attention to the details of the story are unparalleled. There are two panels in particular that really demonstrate what I'm talking about -- I'll go into more detail once it's online. In short, I have a man-crush on Jason, you get the picture.

The last fun bit of news is that I'm fairly certain this comic is going to be printed and end up being handed out at the San Diego Comic Con in July. I'm not certain what type of presence Heroes will have there this year, but tickets are still available for Thursday and Sunday if you want to go. I also have no idea how the comics will be distributed. If you can't make it and want some swag, my advice is to befriend someone who is going and see if they can't snag an extra one. Barring epic disaster I'll be there on Saturday and I'm sure Jason will be around also.

I'll likely post later this week with my rant, I mean follow-up, on spoilers and how audience knowledge alters the viewing experience.


Anonymous said...

Let me rant myself on the subject you will address later--audience knowledge altering the viewers experience.

We all know Sylar has telekinesis. He can use it to move objects, others, and we've always assumed, himself. Or did he really take an elevator or walk up stairs to the top of that building and perch himself on its edge knowing he wouldn't be able to catch himself if he lost his balance just to say "Boom!"?

So Sylar's TK is similar power to Nathan's flying, it causes confusion if we're only shown Sylar floating down to the terrace and nothing else. Which is fine if its a plot point but annoying if we're supposed to assume Sylar took Nathan's power in mid-battle. Because that's an awful lot to knowledge to expect your audience to have.

Frank said...

Awesome graphic novel! I love that we're getting some good backstory on Rebel.. knowing that it's more than just Micah. Jason is an amazing artist!

I'll be at SDCC.. If this indeed is the comic printed, maybe I can get you and Jason to autograph it for me?!

Anonymous said...

In the new season can you guys either rule out Claire's blood healing people or not, I ask this as the way volume 4 ended (with no-one even considering using her blood to save her father) it came across as though a writer who'd never seen the show had written it (HRG and Angela would surely not forget Claire's blood can heal the dead, HRG has first hand knowledge of that).
That's my only bugbear with volume 4, if they'd tried her blood and it HADN'T worked (if you guys don't want to rely on her blood anymore then you should write a reason why they can't or it just becomes silly) and they'd had to rely on Matt it would have made sense but as they didn't even try it made HRG and Angela seem very stupid and evil. I like that Sylar is now Nathan and don't think you should have saved Nathan but someone could have made it make more sense.
Anyway, hopefully you guys can write something to rectify that (and if not I'll still love the show, I'll just think that part of volume 4 was stupid) in future episodes.
Anyway, love the show and you guys effort in trying to keep us all happy (must been a very difficult job! *lol*).

Cara said...

Loved the graphic novel this week, just one problem. WHY IS THE ENGLISH CHARACTER WEARING A UNION JACK?
And a british person I can tell you NO-ONE here actually wears t-shirts like that, unless they're trying to be very, very ironic. I was vaguely offended.

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