Monday, May 4, 2009

The Obligatory First Post

Hi, for those who don't know me, my name is Oliver Grigsby. I'm a writer for the NBC television show Heroes and a writer/editor for the Heroes graphic novels. I'm also a dog owner, a geek and a soon-to-be husband. I decided to start a blog after spending the last two months on Twitter and having an absolute ball. It wasn't until then that it occurred to me that people might be vaguely interested in what I had to say.

The snag was that NBC is also interested in what I have to say. So at their request, we're going to setup a space on for me to officially talk about the Heroes graphic novels. Schedule allowing, I'll post there every week after the comic goes online and go into more detail about the creation process behind bringing these to life.

They're still working on some technical details but I'm told that things will be ready next Monday. If you subscribe to my blog here or follow me on twitter I'll be sure and let you know when it's ready.

So, what is this blog going to be about?
  1. It's still going to be about Heroes. That's what I do for about 70 hours a week -- yeah, that's 40% of my life -- so there'll be plenty of Heroes stuff to talk about. Other topics that may or may not get covered...

  2. My wedding: I'm getting married in less than 4 months to the love of my life. (See #4 for more).

  3. Our dog: In grade school most kids write about their dogs. I never got that chance, so I'll be making up for lost time and subjecting all of you to it. Right now our dog has an itchy butt.

  4. Teaching my fiancee (lets go ahead and start calling her "Abby") to play video games: I think this may be one of the crowning achievements of my life. As of about two years ago Abby had never even played video games. Today she head-caps zombies in Left 4 Dead like she was born to do it. Did I mention we're getting married? Do I need any further explanation as to why? I didn't think so...
So, welcome! Let's start with some Heroes news -- In case you haven't heard, the summer arc of graphic novels is underway! The first chapter of "Rebellion" will appear online sometime tonight/early Tuesday morning. It's written by Zach Craley with art by Dennis Calero (X-Factor, X-men: Noir). Dennis is in high demand in the Marvel Universe these days so we're very lucky to have him working on this for us and let me tell you, the stuff looks amazing!

A quick FYI, this chapter takes place in the Heroes timeline at the same time as episode 314 (A Clear and Present Danger) when everyone was rounded up. Rebellion will continue through the summer and explore what Rebel was up to during the Fugitives arc. I'll talk about this specific chapter and more of our summer plans on 9thWonders once everything is setup over there.

We're also hard at work in the writers room breaking story for Season 4 of Heroes. NBC gave us an official pickup today which is good considering we've been working for several weeks already. Things are going well, and we've been making a lot of progress.

Please post comments, I'll do my best to reply and if you want even more behind-the-scenes Heroes news be sure to follow me on Twitter!


Nelson R. said...

congrats on the wedding!
keep up the good work on heroes! you're awesome

KristinaAwesome said...

Excellent post. Can't wait to read more.
My dog, Belle, had itchy butt. Turned out to be a little infection. She's all better now, but when her fur grew back in that spot, it grew back black (she's silver/grey). Now I sometimes call her Captain Blackbutt. Something you didn't want to know, but I felt the need to share.

Jack said...

Gratz on the impending wedding!!!
glad you joined the blogspehere

Anonymous said...

Congrats on HEROES officially being renewed! I enjoy reading your "tweets." By the way, I love the Nathan/Claire scene at the end of your "Shades of Gray." I look forward to more in season 4 (and am a Nathan Petrelli fan, so I am peeking through my fingers. . .fingers that are crossed in the hopes there's a good resolution for Nathan!) sendean

Ruth said...
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Ryan Stewart said...


Loving the blog! A worthy successor to Beeman's Blog.

As the biggest fan of "Heroes" there is, I can't wait to be fed with details, details, details!

Congratulations on being picked up for S4!

Citizen said...

This looks like an interesting blog, and I'll be checking it out frequently for updates. The new graphic novel was amazing. I'm beginning to really appreciate Dennis Calero's art.

By the way, congrats on the wedding.

Anonymous said...

I loved shades of gray man, I hope you'll be picked for new episodes next season

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carlos, that was such a cracking episode, I had to watch the repeat. Hope a load of episodes will be going your way next season, because all your GN work has been storming.
So glad you have taken over the blogging torch.
Congrats on the wedding too, yep, more people should recognise good gaming skills are a must in today's modern relationship ;)


Anonymous said...

Ollie happy for you in all areas! I'm a Super fan of Heroes & on 9th Wonders! ...looking forward to to this...yay!!!! (thanks for doing this!)

Sue Ann Jaffarian said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Ollie!

Anonymous said...

Shades of Gray was awesome! It was one of my favorites of the entire series. I'm looking forward to REDEMPTION, but I was wondering if it will make up the entire season or if it will be broken up into two volumes again?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the blog. Keep up the good work. You guys are firing on all cylinders right now, don't slow down. Good Luck!

Oliver Grigsby said...

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I have some ideas I'm mulling on for my next post, but first I have to finish part 4 of "Rebellion" otherwise Jason Badower will have nothing to draw and might try to take a day off.

Anonymous said...

Hey Oliver, it's great to see one of the Heroes writers having a blog. I've always been curious what the process was like, writing for the show, as it seemed like a pretty gargantuan task.

Loved your episode, Shades of Gray. It hit all of the right notes for me, with Sylar and his dad, and what a hollow man Samson had become. I'd be curious to know how your current work on the show compares to your previous jobs as script coordinator and writer's assistant. I always sort of wondered what those kinds of jobs entailed, and how you get into that kind of work.

Congrats on getting your fiance into gaming! :D Hope your wedding will be a lovely one! Looking forward to Heroes's return in September, but in the mean time, will definitely be adding your blog to my rss feed as well as keeping up with the GN's over the summer.

Rebel said...

I loved the return of Micah as Rebel and Monica doing her "St. Joan" thing in the GN. I love the way they were able to talk about New Orleans in it. I was hoping they would even do an animated version of "St. Joan" on the Heroes website.

Loved Shades of Gray.

Was thoroughly creeped out by Sylar hitting on Clair in the Finale and hope, pray, beg that Clair is NOT Noah's mother.

I will be following your blog

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